100% Poultry Specialities from Germany

Höhenrainer Delikatessen GmbH, Bavaria
info@hoehenrainer.de ☎ +49 8063 974 331

✓ 100% turkey ✓ real taste ✓ low fat – high protein ✓ big choice

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Natural & healthy
You will find the company Höhenrainer just a stone’s throw away from Munich/Germany: about 40 km southeast in the soft hills before the Alps.

100% turkey products in halal Quality
Höhenrainer is Germany´s oldest turkey specialist and exists for more than 50 years now. We provide a big know-how in producing ham and sausage products made of 100% pure turkey meat and offer a range of mores than 35 high quality products: turkey breasts, various different turkey sausages, traditional low-fat sliced meats and an extensive range of convenience products – all in halal Quality.

Highest quality – made in Germany
Höhenrainer stands for excellent products, highest quality standards and resolute customer service: over the years, the Höhenrainer brand became a symbol for qualitative excellence. Our employees feel responsible for the quality of our products. They process all our goods, so it is their commitment and care that ensures these high Standards.

Tasty & low fat
Our customers appreciate our products as very tasty and low in fat. They know where they come from, know they are of best quality and know they will always taste great.

Best service & commitment
Besides, we practise what we preach: tradition, honesty, fair partnership and continuous improvement. The way we interact with one another is open and fair. Our relationship with suppliers, employees and customers alike are based on the tenets of trust, reliability and commitment, and this is what makes us successful.