made in germanySalama   We offer you a wide range of products with this benefits:

– 100 % Halal

– 100 % Turkey meat with the brand „Salama“

– German Quality


Salama Halal Smoked Turkey Breast and Haunch



Salama Smoked Turkey Breast

Salama Turkey Paprika Breast

Salama Turkey Grill Roast

Salama Turkey Bacon (fresh and frozen)




Salama Halal Turkey Sausages



Salama Turkey Wiener Sausages (fresh and frozen)

Salama Turkey Frankfurter Sausages

Salama Turkey Cheese Sausages

Salama Small Turkey Grill Sausages



Salama Halal Turkey Mortadella


Salama Turkey Mortadella Classic

Salama Turkey Mortadella Bologna

Salama Turkey Mortadella with red Paprika

Salama Turkey Mortadella bavarian style

Salama Turkey Mortadella with green olives




Salama Halal Turkey Convenience Foods

Salama-Halal-Turkey-Convenience-Foods-categorySalama Turkey Escalope

Salama Turkey Cordon Bleu

Salama Turkey Nuggets

Salama Turkey Burger

Salama Turkey Mini-Burger

Salama Turkey Burger Balls, Sticks and Cevapcici



Salama Halal Turkey Salami



Salama Turkey Salami

Salama Turkey Salami Pepperoni





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