Salama Turkey Frankfurter Sausages

Salama-Turkey-Frankfurter-SausagesSalamaSpicy, coarse and smoked speciality with a gentle taste of paprika, a pleasure both hot or cold.

Averg. nutrition information per 100g:
Energy (KJ, Calories): 873 (209)
Fat: 15,0 g
Protein: 16,5 g
Carbohydr.: 2,0 g
Additional information:
Minium durability: 180 days (fresh)
360 days (frozen)
Weight per Piece: 50 g
Packaging Weight: 10 x 50 g / 4 x 50 g
Cardboard Contents: 20 x 500 g / 20 x 200 g
Manner of packing: vacu, past. / vacu



made in germany
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